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Supplying the world with high-quality adhesives and tools

Henko USA Adhesives & Tools

Supplying the world with high-quality adhesives and tools

Henko A&T is a leading company specialized in manufacturing adhesives, tools and additional equipment for the installation and maintenance of artificial grass, as well as for any other professional applications. Based in Weert, the Netherlands, Henko A&T has been an active and innovating player in the market for years, providing high quality products to its worldwide customers.

Years of experience

Years of practical hand-on experience in the field of synthetic grass allows Henko A&T to develop, produce and improve products for the most varied and challenging conditions. Because of the practical experience, products are designed to meet the needs of the installers, and to be as sustainable, efficient and functional as possible.

how to cut synthetic turf

In-House Production

All of our Henko adhesives and tools are designed and produced at our production facility and factory in the Netherlands. Because of our In-House production we can assure excellence, remain flexible and provide a high quality control for all of our Henko products.

Simplicity in design and form

Our inventory

Our inventory contains all the products and equipment that is used for the installation and maintenance of synthetic turf. Because of this unique concept we can differentiate us from other suppliers by being a one-stop-shop for all artificial turf activities and proceedings.

synthetic turf brush kunstgras

Research & Development

At Henko A&T we are working hard to provide the highest quality to our worldwide customers. With an advanced laboratory at our production facility we subject our products to extensive testing to ensure continuous improvement, and to stay ahead of the competition by using the latest techniques and high quality ingredients.

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